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Information International Race

REGISTRATION:   Monday 18th july 2022 (Belgium - France - Germany - G.D. LUX.)

RELEASE: Friday 22nd  july 2022 as early as possible


Hippodrome Borély Marseille 43°15'28.0" / 5°22'44.0"

WINS or LOSSES: 850 Km.

COST: International : €4,20 + €0,10= €4,30
- Digital result
- free participation for prices and honors
- freight cost

OLD PIGEONS – for hens its doubled (only on the internationale race): 0,25 Euro/pigeon
Yearlings are not admitted in Belgium)


Friday                   22/07                    5h25                      22h42

Saturday             23/07                    5h26                      22h41

Sunday                24/07                    5h28                      22h40

Monday              25/07                    5h29                      22h38

Tuesday              26/07                    5h30                      22h37

Wednesday       27/07                    5h32                      22h36

RANGE: Minimum distance: 675 km. (no exception)

International + Hens: 8 Euro
- printed on paper

CONTACTThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Warning :
French fanciers having registered in Belgium-Germany-G.D.Luxembourg are required
to give an authorization from the F.C.F.
Otherwise pigeons will not be taken in the classification.


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